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VFX Filmmaking Course in Gurgaon

About Course

Learn the art of VFX design and the latest VFX techniques using the best of the 3D & VFX software in the industry. Understanding of the VFX process in Films from Conception to Completion, Cinematography Techniques, VFX Fundamentals, VFX Film Making pipeline – from pre to post-production – are just some of the topics covered.

Duration – 30 Months

Course Content

Term 1
  • History of Visual Effects in Films
  • Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
  • Concepts of Cinematography & Photography
  • Light, Colour & Perspective
  • Magic with Images
  • Anatomy Study
  • Character Design
  • Visual Scripting with Film Language
  • Digital Sound Track
  • Editing Digital Video
  • Storyboarding and Animatics
  • Digital Art and Animation
  • Design Portfolio
Term 2
  • Fundamentals of VFX and 3D Basics
  • Modeling 3D Objects with Maya
  • Character Sculpting with ZBrush
  • Texturing 3D Objects with Maya
  • Lighting and Rendering 3D Objects with Maya
  • Rigging 3D Objects with Maya
  • Character Animation with Maya
  • Paint FX and Dynamics using Maya
  • Matchmoving and Camera Tracking
  • Crowd Simulation
  • Creating Motion Graphics
  • 3D Design Portfolio
Term 3
  • VFX Film Making – Pre to Post-production
  • Pre-visualization & VFX Video Shoot
  • Introduction to Nuke Compositing
  • Introduction to Silhouette Rotoscopy
  • Wire Removal Techniques
  • The Art of Colour Grading
  • Green and Blue Screen Compositing
  • Digital Matte Painting
  • Time Remapping
  • Channels and Multipass Rendering
  • Advanced Compositing with Nuke
  • Visual FX with Houdinio
  • Compositing Z-depth & Multipass
  • Virtual Production Basics
  • Digital Portfolio Development with Nuke Specialisation

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