These courses are for students who wish to enter the Animation industry, and for working people who want to change their field of work or to do better within the Animation industry.

=>Animation Prime
=>Animation Film Design (AFD)

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Create high-quality visual effects (VFX) for films, TV, advertisements & games, with Arena VFX Pro.

=>VFX Prime
=>VFX Film Making

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Learn graphic designing, audio-video editing, compositing, and motion graphics using latest software including 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Flash.

=>Broadcast Prime

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Become skilled at using Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, HTML5, CSS3, Dreamweaver & more! Build a career in web designing, graphics, or print & publishing.

=>Graphics, Web Design & Development (GWDD)
=>Web design (WD)
=>Print & Publishing (PP)

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We live in the digital age - when everything from shoes to books to banking is available online. We can access products, services & information from our computer or our tablet or even our mobile phone.

=>Digital Advertising Design & Marketing

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Love gaming? You could create your own games using the latest software!

=>Game Art & Design

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21 years old !

Adobe® Certified


Google Certified


Excellence in animation training has been our goal

We have stood out in many ways...

We love winning awards...


»  I have not studied Science/Commerce/Arts/Computers before this. Will I be able to cope up?

›   Students of all streams (Science, Commerce or Arts) can enrol in an Animation Course.
It is not necessary to have prior computer knowledge. We teach computer basics first before moving on
to specialised softwares so a student without computer background can easily join.

»  I am not fluent in English. Will I face a problem in my studies or in finding a job?

›   Our friendly teachers use a mix of English and Hindi language to teach students so that all the students can understand their lessons.
While fluency in English is required to work for most of the Multi-National Companies, majority of the other companies are ready to recruit students even if they have working knowledge of English. Also, our Placement sessions at the end of the course prepare students for the most commonly asked questions in job interviews, and make them feel confident.

»  I don’t belong to Gurgaon. How can the institute help me to settle down?

›   Gurgaon attracts a number of people from all over the country because of its excellent career opportunities. As a result, there are many facilities created in the city to cater to the migrant population. There are numerous PGs, flats and one-room sets available on rent.

We assist our outstation students in finding the most appropriate accommodation options based on their budget.

»  Are degrees important?

›  As far the industry goes, it’s the quality of your work that gets you a job, not the degree. However if you plan on working for a reputed company, the public sector or an MNC, a degree is often necessary. If you are interested in teaching, or higher education, a degree is definitely a big plus. It’s also a plus in applying for visas to work abroad.

»  Do I have to buy a laptop/computer to do my assignments or extra-practice?

›   Arena Gurgaon understands the students’ need for extra-practice but would not like to burden them/their parents with the additional cost of a laptop. We offer free extra practice sessions for those students who want to devote additional time, over and above their regular classes. Why invest in a computer when you can get free extra computer time in an AC environment, with 100% power back-up.

»  I do not like to appear for exams that require writing long, difficult answers?

›   All Arena Semester-end/ final exams have objective-type, multiple-choice questions that are taken on computers. These are not pen-paper based exams and can be attempted easily by all students.

»  Is it only serious studying or are there any fun-activities too at the institute?

›   Animation is serious business but our Centre has turned it into serious fun. There are regular picnics, parties, competitions, festivals and other entertaining activities that keep our students motivated and refreshed throughout the year.

»  How are the faculties/trainers? Are they patient and understanding? Will they explain concepts again if I cannot understand them the first time?

›  Our faculties are industry-experienced who are trained to teach all types of students. They are ready to solve your queries, whether in class, or during assignments or before sem-end exams. In case a student is finding it difficult to clear technical interviews, our faculties identify his weak points and provide help accordingly.

»  Will the institute provide me help in getting the first job? What is the growth potential? What if I want to change my job after some time?

Arena Gurgaon provides unlimited number of job opportunities to its students. We prepare students with pre-placement classes comprising of special sessions on CV preparation, Grooming and Communication and mock-interviews.

We even help our ex-students in moving from one job to another, long after they have passed out. Arena Gurgaon is the only one of its kind to offer this facility.

»  How do I choose a good Animation Institute?

›  With the multitude of animation institutes out there, it can be a difficult task finding the most suitable one. There is no one “best” centre. There are, however, a number of institutes that do a good job teaching the art and craft of animation.

Lets look at the most important factors that may help you in identifying the right institute.

Look for a brand and centre that is firmly established. Does the ownership keep changing hands (negative), does it keep changing locations (negative again), are the owners themselves involved in day-to-day affairs (positive). Is there sufficient space for classrooms, labs & common area (positive again) .

Speak to current students of the programs you are interested in and ask about the assignments, the teachers, the centre and its facilities. Are the facilities up to date? What software are they using? Are there work stations for each student? Is there a provision for extra practice sessions?

Also speak to, or email ex-students, especially recent ones and ask them the same questions. How did they get their first job and was the centre helpful? Did the industry recruit at the centre?

An excellent proof of quality is the number of Placement Opportunities each student is given. Is there a maximum limit? Are the students given pre-placement sessions to remove their nervousness and make them feel confident? Are there mock interviews held? What if a student gets rejected in 2-3 actual interviews – does the centre help him prepare better by working on his weaknesses?

Do your homework properly and you shall land up at the right place.

Happy Animating!

»  Are there classes for children with Special Needs?

Graphic Design, Animation and Multimedia are creative fields and attract students from all streams of education. We have trained many students with special needs (Dyslexia, Asperger etc) in the past. Please contact our Counselor for more details.

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Arena Gurgaon Centre celebrated its 20th Anniversary in a glittering ceremony on 14th January 2017.

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