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Course Description

In today’s digital age, learning video editing is of paramount importance as it has become an indispensable skill across various fields. The explosive growth of online content platforms, social media, and digital marketing has elevated the demand for engaging and visually appealing videos.

Video editing skills are particularly crucial for content creators, influencers, and marketers who seek to captivate and retain the attention of their audience. Whether producing educational content, promotional videos, or entertainment, the ability to craft well-edited videos enhances the overall quality and impact of the message. In the business realm, video editing is integral to creating compelling presentations, training materials, and promotional campaigns, fostering effective communication and brand visibility.

What is equally important is learning by actually shooting and editing rather than editing stock coverage. Its important to choose a training institute that is equipped with professional equipment like cameras, lighting, Chroma screen etc. Hands on learning makes the student job-ready so that he can apply the video editing skills right after completing the program.

The most popular industry tools that are in use are Adobe Premiere and After Effects
The entertainment industry heavily relies on video editing for film and television production, making it a valuable skill for aspiring filmmakers and editors. Learning video editing not only opens up creative avenues but also enhances employability in a job market increasingly valuing multimedia proficiency.

Course Content

Term 1 : Game Art & Design
  • Visual Scripting with Film Language
  • Digital Painting
  • Working with Audio
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Color Grading & Finishing
  • Digital Compositing
  • Video Editing Portfolio

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