Architecture and Design

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We are fascinated by the way people inhabit existing and new spaces, both at the scale of the home and at the scale of the city. Interior architecture is a distinct, rigorous practice that requires a specialist way of thinking about how we occupy complex spaces and how the elements of this are brought together at a human scale both to accommodate and to delight.

It is the collaborative nature of professional practice that guides this course. It’s the only interiors course where students work alongside architecture students. This link is underpinned by how and what you study and by the design practitioners who work with you to help you to develop your design skills and thinking.

You’ll develop specialist skills in the areas of observational and spatial drawing, computer drawing, model making and technological and material investigations. Alongside making design proposals we ask you to comprehensively research, analyse and articulate the culture and context in which your design thinking is being applied.

As you progress through this course you’ll develop your own individual enquiry, creative approach, critical thinking and deepen your understanding of design processes. We encourage you to combine intellectual and creative ambition with detailed resolution of your work and to test how to communicate your ideas effectively to your peers and in the wider world.

Our teaching programme is supplemented by study trips, practice visits, design workshops and weekly lectures by designers and architects. Where possible, we link with The Projects Office, to other areas of the University and with our established international partners.

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